Thursday, November 3, 2011

Top Secret Baby Quilt, Top Secret No Longer

The Top Secret Baby Quilt is no longer a secret because it is done!

I'm not entirely sure where I got the Nursery Rhyme fabric. It was either during my President's Day extravaganza, or my last trip to Portland. Anyway at the time I bought it, I thought it would make a much better quilt than a book. Face it, a fabric book is going to be useful until about age 6. A quilt on the other hand can last for years.

I found the patchwork cheater cloth at the New Haven Salvation Army. I originally thought I would use it for the back, but thanks to technology I made the decision to use it for a log cabin border. I took photos of the fabrics on the trusty iPhone, then uploaded them into my Dropbox account. I was then able to print the photos off the computer, cut them up and tape them into mock ups.

As you can see, the patchwork cloth was the way to go.

I had purchased the red fabric I used for the back and the binding at Savers. I recieved the blue floral from my friend Polly, when I got that box of vintage fabrics from her. When I saw the blue, it reminded me so much of the red, I knew they had to be in a project together.

Like all of my other projects, this one has been moving around the apartment from pile to pile for months. The baby's birth came and went. I finally buckled down and got started. I'd say it took a month to complete. The piecing is a log cabin around the central nursery rhyme block with the blue as a border between.

The quilting is just ditch stitching and some outlining. Nothing too fancy. My favorite square is this one in which you are supposed to personalize the book. I took some liberties with the material.

The parents of Wendy loved it, and Wendy too for all that a 4 month old can express over an inanimate object. If you quilt, and see any of these vintage book panels out and about-buy them! This is a relatively quick, unique quilt and the fabric does most of the work for you. In fact I'm picking another one up off of Etsy for another friend's bun in the oven. 

ETA: This picture of Wendy enjoying her quilt.


  1. The quilt is absolutely gorgeous and everything works together so well in the design. We and little Wendy will treasure this forever. Thank you!
    Love, Wendy's Momma

  2. You did an amazing job on the quilt. What a wonderful gift! It truly is something that people can treasure forever. My daughter is 33, and I still have a quilt one of my mother's friends made for her. The grandsons use it when they're at my house...well, at least for now, till they realize it's Holly Hobbie. :) Your quilt will be loved by girls and boys for generations.

  3. wow. love the quilt. you have to tell me one day how to make quilts. I have all the stuff to make one, but don't know how to put it together. hopefully one day when i get a house i'll sit down and attempt to make one.

  4. Love this! I can totally see all the amazing work and talent that went into this. And call me jealous, cause I want your mad quilting skills!

    Thanks for the great contest entry!

  5. I want one, what a lucky lucky baby