Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekend Update: Pity Party for One?

Well nerds, November has been a rough month. The abnormal  warm fall weather here in New England has had my allergies whistling Dixie all month, causing much sinus pain, nausea, vertigo, and an overall general malaise. While I am taking steps forward to combat the allergies, it has been a long, exhausting process with doctor visits and tests and long waits between visits and tests. Now I am in the two week waiting period while the pharmaceutical gnomes mix my allergy shot serum.  Hopefully, by mid-December I'll be back on the shots or the damn leaves will finally be off the damn trees.  Until I get my energy back, posts will be a bit sporadic. However, what I do have ready to go are Christmas themed Thrifts of Terror for the whole month of December!

Since Thanksgiving is over and it's now officially Christmas-time let me share this little discovery from a Savers a few weeks ago. It's not a Thrift of Terror, but a Thrift of Nostalgia. I had this very stocking holder when I was a kid.

Here is a link to an eBay auction for one of these guys with more info and photos. After consulting with my Mom, we believe it was purchased by my Grandmother.  The brand is GiftCo dated 1983, and after a little digging around on the interwebs, I discovered/remembered this was part of one of those school fundraising schemes that was undoubtedly put in place to teach us about the glory of Capitalism. (I was terrible at them, especially if they did not involve chocolate in some way.) I'm pretty sure we would have purchased this when I was in 2nd Grade, which was 1983, as my teacher was obsessed with Teddy Bears and had various bear things decorating her entire classroom.
In fact Mom still has the Christmas decoration art project from that year, a festive bear garland. (What does that have to do with Christmas? Who Knows!?) Almost 20 years later and it's laminate is still intact.

And of course, Mom still proudly displays it, every year. Here's hoping that I can get my own decorations up soon!

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  1. Glad you're starting the shots and will be feeling much better soon. Your stocking holder brought back memories for me too. You're only 2 years older than my daughter, so I had to buy the same hold fundraisers with my high school students and ended up with twice as much of it as most parents.