Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday Tray Update

I've added some new Nashco's to the collection in the last month. My good friend Polly Sonic gave me a short stack of trays for Christmas, two of which I already had (Mississippi & Goddamn Florida) , but the thought was appreciated. In addition to those however she found this New Hampshire Nashco! 

Look at that beautiful Lilac!

While I was out Christmas Shopping I managed to make it to The Barn Sale in Hamden despite their wackadoo hours. This is also where I saw the Christmas Fetish Boots. (?!) While I found nothing cheap enough for gift giving, I did find myself a white Long Island Nashco. It's not in great shape but for $1.50 I couldn't pass it up.

Long Island itself is fine, but it's flower is a bit chippy.

That's all for this Thursday. Next Thursday you'll see the trays the Vinyl Whores got me for Christmas and hear Dan's tale of Etsy woe.

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  1. The lilacs are gorgeous! Do you do any restoration on the trays when you find one like Long Island that has a few chips?