Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Everything's Coming Up Spring Blossom

I am long overdue with updates to the Spring Blossom collection.

The Vinyl Whores gave me the gravy boat for my birthday:

Mom sent me these pointed top salt and pepper shakers for Christmas:

And the boys bought me some of the Spring Blossom Corelle Compatible dinnerware. I am keeping this at work since the students (and the cleaning lady) are prone to breaking things. I keep dishes and silverware in the sink area of my office since there are days when I eat most, if not all of my meals at work. And I like to class it up by eating my frozen Trader Joe's off a real plate. 

Finally for the pièce de résistance whilst out shopping with the Vinyl Whores over New Years Weekend, I found glassware.

7 small glasses and 6 medium for $1 each at the Waterbury Goodwill.


  1. It's all fantastic, but those glasses are freaking amazing. I bet you were doing the happy dance all over that store.

  2. My favourite Pyrex pattern. Such a classic.