Monday, January 9, 2012

Thrift Share Monday 2012 Part 2

We continue my New Year's weekend thrifting extravaganza with the Vinyl Whores. For Friday we decided to head up to Waterbury, where I had a very successful venture last Presidents Day.

Stop 1: The elusive St. Vincent De Paul in Derby.
Well, I finally found the building, but they were closed for the entire last two weeks of December. It still eludes me.

Stop 2: Books by the Falls
Fortunately there was a used bookstore a few buildings away. The owner was having a sale, anything priced under $10 was $1.  There Dan and I dug through the cook and craft books. I came up with another Peg Bracken book:

And a book on painting trays. Though it's more about stencils than Toleware, it's still interesting. 

Stop 3: The Waterbury St. Vincent De Paul
I had hoped to find a couch here, but no luck. The only thing I went away with was this vintage black Mod dress for $1. I plan on shortening it a couple inches to an above the knee length.

Stop 4: The Waterbury Red White and Blue Store.
I found this vintage purse for $1.50. It's in perfect condition and still has a little mirror from Saks 5th Avenue.

Stop 4: Waterbury Goodwill
And here we find Pyrex. Specifically, Spring Blossom Glasses! 13 of them at $1 each.  The boys found themselves the Butterfly Gold D-handled mugs for .50 each.

Stop 5: Waterbury Savers
I decided this year to winter coat shop at the thrifts. I had hoped to find a really great vintage coat. I think this one from J Crew will do for $25. It's wool and cashmere. I think that it also has a Thinsulate lining, because I wore it last week when it was  20 degrees and I was fine.

Stop 5: Meriden Savers
I particularly like this Savers because of it's size, the clothing section is huge. But for all of that I only bought this green bandanna.

Next week I'll share Saturdays haul, which includes a lovely piece of Lane furniture. (No it's not a couch.)


  1. You made some great finds! I love the glasses, and that dress is really cute. The purse is great, especially since you found something unexpected in it. I love finding things in purses! Does the book give you any tips that would be helpful if you found a really rare tray that needed a minor facelift?

  2. wow, what an adventure you had! those glasses are sweet and the coat is a sweet find!!!

  3. I've never seen those Spring Blossom glasses before - love 'em. Great find!

  4. Holy mackeral, I don't tend to focus on the clothing racks, but that $1 dress and amazing coat are sweet scores!

  5. A wool and cashmere coat from J Crew for $25.00? Score!