Monday, January 16, 2012

Thrift Share Monday: 2012 Part 3 What Were You Doing New Years Eve?

Well the Vinyl Whores and I went thrifting. What else would we do? 

Stop 1: The Barn Sale
Closed. Old ladies will not have any thrifters in over the Holiday weekend, Thanks.

Stop 2: Hamden Goodwill
The Goodwill is before The Barn Sale on a one way street. Because we tried the Barn Sale first, we had to go around in a circle to reach the Goodwill. When we got to the Goodwill, the lot was full and a huge Goodwill box truck was coming in the "Out" driveway. We drove back to the Barn Sale and walked back to the Goodwill. It was like a scene from National Lampoon's European Vacation: "Look, kids. Barn Sale. Goodwill."

Oh and there was nothing at the Hamden Goodwill but a rude woman who demanded the staff help her take a table out to her car. And by table, I mean one of those glass end tables from the 80's made of brass tubing. I mean, to each their own, but it was definitely not heavy. The impression we got from the staff was this kind of thing happens all the time with her.

Stop 3: The Goodwill Outlet
While the Boys had a good dig through The Bins, I hit up the furniture section. I was rewarded with this credenza which was marked down to $5.

It's Lane. It's beautiful and is now residing in my living room like so:

The room has really opened up. You can see a before photo in my last living room post. I'll have a more thorough before and after post later in the week. We had a hell of a time getting it in the back of Scooter. I had to tie the hatchback shut and Garth had to cram himself between the credenza and the door whilst sitting on the folded down seat. We drove home and unloaded the credenza and all of the Boys treasures, had a bite to eat and got back on the road.

Stop 4: Helping Hands
Sadly, nothing other than some good Thrifts of Terror. And I passed up a room divider like this one, because I had just bought a credenza. And, it doesn't break down. And, the doors were off the hinges. At $60 bucks it's fairly reasonable, but at this point there is no room for it. 

Photo cribbed from Mr. Modtomic

Stop 5: New Haven Goodwill on Foxon Rd.
Our last stop had this really fabulous alpine needlepoint for $2. It will be part of my plans for my upcoming bedroom redecorating.

I also found 3 Pyrex plates in this gold filigree design for $1 each.

So that is the last of the New Years Weekend Thrifting Extravaganza! If you missed the last two posts, you can check them out here:


  1. Wow, I love your furniture find! It looks like it was meant to be in your living room!

  2. A credenza for $5??? That's freakin' amazing. It's really pretty and looks like it's in great condition. Fantastic find!

  3. What a steal on that credenza! Great find.

  4. $5! Holy cow, what a score! Looks perfect in that spot in your house. Sherry :)

  5. Super deal on the credenza! And I love the Alpine needlepoint picture - the colors and the "snow". What a fun weekend with your friends!

  6. That is a totally sweet credenza. It's on my perpetual thrift wishlist!