Monday, January 2, 2012

Thrift Share Monday 2012

In what is becoming an annual tradition, the Vinyl Whores came up from New York for New Years weekend for an extravaganza of thrifting. On Thursday I drove to Norwalk and met them at the train station, then we hit all the thrifts between Norwalk and my house. 

Stop 1: Norwalk Goodwill
Teal Fiesta mug $1

Note that there were a couple new trench coats in the coat section from Target that still had their tags on. Goodwill price tag: $24.99. Target Clearance price: $12.95 WTF!!!

Stop 2: Westport Goodwill
A bust, yet again. Westport Goodwill, you were once my favorite. What happened to you?

Stop 3: Furniture on Consignment II (Next door to the Westport Goodwill.)
Nothing for us on this trip, but reasonably priced with some good stuff.

Stop 4: Bridgeport Salvation Army
I make an exception to my no acrylic sweater rule for this black Vintage Jonathan Logan dragon sweater for $3.99. 

Stop 5: Bridgeport Goodwill
Tangerine Fiesta mug $1

A First Edition copy of one of my favorite books by my favorite author. Different Seasons $2. (If you haven't read Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, you are missing out.)

Stop 6: Orange Savers
Find Vintage beaded cardigan in grey: $9.99

And Vintage cashmere sweater in cream: $2.99. Further proof that thrift store pricing is outrageously erratic and I should just get over it.

Stop 7: Orange Goodwill (20 minutes before closing.) 
Spot this cutting board under a pile of hats in the men's section. Buy it for $1.99.

use this side and save my face
Dan explains to us the trend of leaving all of the sales tags on your clothes, after seeing a gentleman in the restaurant sporting just such a look. To which I say take those tags off and wash your damn pants people.

Next Monday: Day 2 in which we travel to points North.
Later This Week: More Christmas gifts, including more trays and Pyrex.


  1. YES! wash those damn pants and any damn other thing you can. eek to those that don't. getting over the erratic pricing? don't think i can...what would i gaggle to my vintage finding friends about?

  2. One of these days when your going out and want some company give me a call. I'd love to study your moves!

  3. Holy mackerel - $3 cashmere is a great deal!

  4. Ugh! I hate seeing things at Goodwill that are more expensive than for real! I would say yes to an acrylic sweater with a dragon too...and 5 guys? I ate that Thursday, so good! Great finds.

  5. You made a good haul...and I agree with you about the tag thing. Don't people realize that there are some trends that are just too stupid to follow?

  6. Ooh, I love 5 Guys!, but it's so insanely horrible for you... It's close to a Value Village, Salvation Army & a West 49 (skate shop) Outlet that I go to, always so tempting!

    Cute message on the back of the cutting board!

  7. you probably cleaned out the westport goodwill. haha...

  8. FUN!! I hate the erratic pricing of thrift stores and please wash your pants...who know WHO tried them on

  9. Oh my GAWd! Can I be in your club?!!! Pleeeeease??!! Oh, and I'll give you 50 for that cutting board!!!!
    I heart vintage spinster...

  10. Sometimes I feel like there is a man behind a curtain coming up with fashion trends and then laughing maniacally when people follow them. However, this Minnie Pearl trend fascinates me. Unrelatedly, I love that dragon sweater.