Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thursday Tray Update

Garth of the Vinyl Whores has this tradition with his Christmas gifts. The "from" on the gift tag always is from some random person other than him and that name always gives him a clue as to what the present is. It's a tradition he adapted from his mother, Muffy.  So when he handed me a flat, square box to open on Christmas that said "From Jack and Wendy Torrance," I got very excited thinking it might be...


(The Stephen King reference gave it away.)
I always hope to emulate his funny gift tags, but I am usually wrapping presents Christmas Eve morning in a rush to get out the door. Maybe next year. Maybe that's a good resolution for 2012, then I won't have to think about it until December! Ha!

Dan also got me a tray for Christmas. His home State of Minnesota:


I didn't get it on Christmas, but the next week when the boys came to visit. Dan ordered the tray on Etsy on the 8th of December. Plenty of time to have it in the mail and here for Christmas, right? Wrong! Not if you don't check your email attached to your Etsy account. Apparently the seller doesn't suffer from the same OCD problems as some of us. ("Did I sell anything yet? Anything?! Now?!! Anything NOW?!!!) After three or four emails beginning with pleasantries and quickly spiraling down into YOU ARE RUINING CHRISTMAS!!! The seller finally contacted him and sent it priority mail and it arrived...after Christmas.  She has also graciously offered another item from her shop to make up for the  delay. 

Now I need to get to Joann Fabrics for more plate hangers and start figuring out how I am going to move beyond hanging trays in the kitchen.


  1. The collection continues to grow! It's cool that your friends give you such great gifts. And as for the Etsy thing...yeah, I'm an OCD checker too.

  2. I just picked up four of these trays. The best part: the former owner commented (on masking tape) about the trip where she bought the tray. Pop by my blog to read the comments- so interesting.