Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Update

Every so often at work we have an extended break between shows. In this limbo I often find myself working 10-6 in our Costume Shop, doing alterations and helping out in whatever way I can. The downside is my personal schedule gets totally out of whack and my productivity usually is limited to getting up, going to work, and going to sleep.  Anyway, for the first time I finally figured out how to make the 10-6 work for me. I went to the gym, I got some things done, I stood in line at Comcast for hours. Let's check in with our list from last week, shall we?

1. A new knitting project on the needles. Truthfully I'm revisiting a half done project. Jared Flood's Grove Mittens
2. Outline blog posts for the rest of January.
3. Create a video presentation for my next design project. I at least figured out how to do this, what program to use, research, music etc.
4. Start gathering fabrics for the next Top Secret Quilting Project. And by this I mean, go visit Carol at the English Market. Now that I think about it, how was I getting this one done? I was working 10-6 and the shop is open 10-5. 
5. Get the living room furniture sorted out.   As you may have seen in last weeks Thrift Share Monday, I recently acquired an amazing Lane credenza. So it became the bar, the vanity that has been the bar became the desk, and the old desk cabinet went up on Craigslist. Everything is now (mostly) reorganized and put away.

So considering my schedule and my time with Comcast, I'm fine with what got done. For next week I'm adapting my goal list for the week with an old productivity tool: The 6 Most Important Things List. Click the link for more info, but the gist is: you make a list of 6 things in order of importance, you cross them off in order, whatever is left over rolls to the top of the next list. Apparently this is what the American Steel and Mary Kay empires were built on. Fine with me.

This Week:
1. Get rid of the old desk. (Easier said than done with the Flaky McFlakersons on Craigslist.)
2. Put up new shelf over the stove in the kitchen, rearrange items as needed.
3. Video presentation for American Buffalo done and emailed to the Director.
4. Sort and file paperwork from the desk clean out. Start prepping for taxes.
5. Get fabrics for next Top Secret Quilting Project.
6. Get the damn cable fixed. (I'm betting this won't happen, hence it's #6.)

And for this weeks Thing A Week Project:

A new Pinboard on Pinterest full of amazing research for my latest Design project: American Buffalo for Elm Shakespeare.  Not only am I doing the Costumes, but I'm designing the set as well! The play is set in a Resale Shop in early 1970's Chicago. Hmmm, I think I can handle that, in fact most of it will come from my basement. I started out studying Set Design back in the day, so it's exciting to revisit that artistic endeavor. Stay tuned, I will write another series of Thrifty Theater Design Posts like I did for Measure for Measure. Watch a fake Resale Shop unfold before your very eyes!


  1. I'm working on fixing my work/life balance, too. It looks like you did really well at that and your goals this week!

    Thanks for participating in the goal share again, I love seeing your progress. Inspires me to keep going, too!

  2. Thanks Van! I love seeing your progress, too.

  3. You're amazing! Keep up the good work!