Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Update:

I'm going over my lists quickly tonight. I only have Sunday off this week and had two unexpected social engagements to attend.

Last Week:
1. Get rid of the old desk. Craigslist has been such a bust, but I'm going to give it one more go.
2. Put up new shelf over the stove in the kitchen, rearrange items as needed. Not done, not even close.
3. Video presentation for American Buffalo done and emailed to the Director.
4. Sort and file paperwork from the desk clean out. Start prepping for taxes. I've at least gathered the papers into a bag.
5. Get fabrics for next Top Secret Quilting Project.  I ended up purchasing vintage fabrics from Etsy and eBay since I have no time to get out and shop.
6. Get the damn cable fixed. (I'm betting this won't happen, hence it's #6.) I was right. Still. Not. Fixed.

I'm not too bummed about the state of affairs considering 2 of the items on this list require outside sources to finish them off.

Next Week:
1. Get rid of the old desk.
2. Sort and file paperwork. Start prepping for taxes.
3. Get the damn cable fixed or find and alternative service provider.
4. Work on my pile of clothing alterations
5. Do more Costume research for American Buffalo.
6. Put up new shelf over the stove in the kitchen, rearrange items as needed.

As for Thing A Week #4: I was surprised to discover a few days ago via the Book of the Face that there was a Dr. Sketchy in New Haven this weekend. What is Dr. Sketchy? It is life drawing with  performers as models. It is a whole lot of fun and very helpful for costume designers, or anyone who wants to draw people in clothing. I leave you with photos of my drawings from the night.

5 minute pose.

15 minute pose
20 minute pose
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  1. Love the sketches! You're a lot more ambitious than I am. All I want to accomplish this week is getting a new kitchen faucet and a new garbage disposal installed and getting my dog groomed.

  2. I LOVE Dr. Sketchy's! Was the them here tribal chic? :) I can't wait 'til our chapter hosts another event, they're on hiatus right now.

    Good luck hitting your goals! I'm working toward mine, too. Back to work...

  3. Van, you are correct! The theme was Tribal Hoop bash. The model is a hula hooper.