Monday, February 27, 2012

Thrift Share Monday

A few weeks ago I had to take a trip across the river to have the car looked at by my mechanic. The check engine light had come on again, and subsequently went out as soon as the mechanic got in the car. Regardless, I went thrifting after. Always choose an auto repair shop near a thrift store, I say.

At Sarah's Cupboard I picked up this adorable embroidery for only a quarter.

Look at the little deer!

Then I headed to Savers and found quite a bit of good stuff.

Wooden sock blockers for $1.99. These are clearly men's size large.

Star glow platter for $1.99.

Adorable embroidered vintage sweater $6.99

And in what became the beginning of a string of Betty Crocker finds, the Betty Crocker New Boys and Girls Cookbook for $.99

And finally, I added this to my kitschy Disney collection for $2.99.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Update: Why am I Surprised it's Snowing in February?

I was all set to go to the library on Friday, then it snowed early Friday morning. After a 50 degree day on Thursday, no less. It will happen on Monday before I go to NYC to see Sleep No More again. It has to, I need something to read on the train.

Onward to the wrap up:

This Week:
1. Return library books, clear out fines, check out new books.
2. Sell the Ikea Chair on Craigslist.
3. Work on set sketches for American Buffalo. Email designs to the Director and set up a meeting.
4. Plan redecoration of bedroom.
5. Catch up on blogs.
6. Read the script and start a pinboard for Macbeth. Macbeth pinboard can be seen here.

Next Week:
1. Return library books, clear fines.
2. Plan Apartment Therapy for bedroom. *
3. Draw and color Costume sketches for American Buffalo. Paint a second set sketch from another angle.
4. Read Macbeth again, start researching. Email our lighting designer about scaffolding information and park layout.
5. Put up Betty Crocker Cookbook page on the blog.
6. Dye my hair.

* I've decided each month has one big home project goal to work towards. March will be the bedroom, which has become a huge mess of a dumping ground that I sleep in the middle of.  It needs some Apartment Therapy STAT!

I switch back to working days for the next week and a half, so we'll see how much I can get done while maintaining my cooking and gym schedule too. I have a long weekend the 3-5th, so the Vinyl Whores and I might be doing some thrifting.

Thing a week number 8:
Set sketches for American Buffalo. Drawing ink on drawing paper.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Vintage Kitsch'n: Scripture Cake

From: Better Homes and Gardens Heritage Cookbook
Recipe: Scripture Cake

In our current show, we have a character who has written scriptures from various religions all over a piece of paper and taped it to his chest. He wears it as his armor against the world. I found this recipe a few weeks ago while browsing through my Heritage Cookbook and thought it would be fun to make for closing night.

The cake is called Scripture Cake because you have to hunt through the Bible for the recipe. Or, you need to really "know your scripture". It's really more of a tea bread than a cake.

Creative Cookery: I Do What I Want
I actually followed this recipe to the letter, for once.

Kitchen Wares:
The Spring Blossom Cinderella bowls got quite a workout with this recipe. I needed three of them. First you cream the butter and molasses together, then mix all the dry ingredients, then mix all of the wet ingredients. After you've done all that you alternate mixing the wet and dry into the creamed. Let me tell you, the Cinderella bowls with their handles and spouts were made for a recipe like this!

Verdict: Red Ribbon
Good, but I'm not a huge molasses fan. The cast and crew are enjoying it, though.

Thrifts of Terror: 3D Roses

But for real this time, not a hologram.
Real dimensional roses.

Possibly, real roses that have been shellacked.
Seen at Helping Hands New Haven, CT

Monday, February 20, 2012

Orange Goodwill and Savers

Once I got back on the road, things had died down at the thrifts considerably. Once again, I ran into another thrifty friend at Savers who had also done the Farmington & Bristol ones earlier today. Great minds think alike!

First stop Orange Goodwill.

What I bought: 
Betty Crocker's Dinner for Two cookbook for $2 and BHG Easy Skillet Meals for $1.50.

What I left behind:
Betty Crocker Hostess Cookbook, Mid-century trivet, and a Professional Cat Portrait.

Second stop Orange Savers:

What I bought: 
Jones New York jeans $3, dark grey wool hooded sweater $1.50.

And my very first Copco cast iron. (It matches the Pyrex green!) $8, well worth the price I think.

And a VELVET PAINTING!!! $6-not half-off, but how could I resist?

A velvet painting and paint by number in the same day? Crazy, I tell you! Well, I hope everyone enjoyed following along with my thrifting adventures today. Until next time, Nerds.

Or not...

The buyer from Craigslist is coming a little earlier to pick up the chair. Going to have to skip Woodbridge this time.

Hamden Goodwill

Oh man, can I just say the Hamden Goodwill has some serious issues. The layouts of the property and the store are just not meant to handle crowds.
People were parking on the lawn, in the alleys, and the checkout lines were nebulous at best.

That being said, what I bought:
Clockwise from top left: t-shirt for American Buffalo $1, baking racks $.50, cute nesting doll hanger from Russia $1, paint by number $1.

What I left behind:
Super cool blue painting, Sankoware pot in crap cond. with no lid, cute spice jars which were still too much at half off.

Onward to Woodbridge!

New Haven Foxon Goodwill

Had a good run at this thrift, including running into a friend and fellow avid Thrifter.

What I bought:
Clockwise from top left: Virginia tray .99, Nicole Miller pants 2.99, BC Dinner in a Dish Cookbook .99, Ann Taylor Loft sweater 2.99.

What I left behind:
Arizona, I already have one. I already have a Virginia too, but this ones in much better condition.

For about 2 seconds I honestly thought I found a hog stretcher, which I need for American Buffalo. Alas, it's just a really old piece of wood.

Onward to Hamden!

Presidents Day 2012 Live Thrift Share

If you are new to Vintage Spinster, you are probably unaware of my Live Thrift Share last year on President's Day. It was quite the event, chock full of cheap vintage goodness. This year had to be scaled back for scheduling reasons, but the New Haven area Goodwills and Savers are still having 50% off sales today. So as soon as my car is out of the shop, and a Craigslist buyer picks up my old Ikea chair, I'm off to the thrifts around 3pm EST.

Savers had a Pre-Sale for Club Card members yesterday, so I went to a couple Savers I've never been to before.  Here is a highlight reel of my purchases:

Clockwise from top left: Sequined top, Banana Rep. cardi, almost new Sofft shoes, H&M knit top. Read more details here.

H&M pants NWT, Cunningham decorative tile. Read more details here.

Things left behind:

Thrifts of Terror!:

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bristol Savers

OK. Well, I got a little distracted at Stew Leonard's during my break for lunch. I couldn't help it, so much cheap produce! So many amazing baked goods! Anyway, I got to the Savers in Bristol an hour before closing and had a quick  look around for some clothes.

What I bought:

I've been looking for shoes like these for ages. Almost new and only $6.50

H& M Top $3.99

Banana Republic sweater. Needs de-pilling but for $2.99, I can swing it.

And for the most impractical purchase of the day: this designer top with it's Daffy's tags still attached. Savers price $2.99. I am fascinated. I will probably never wear it. It will probably become a costume.

What I left behind

Seriously, I just bought this cookbook. 

And I have to say, I'm glad I bought the "New Boys and Girls" one four days ago. Even though it's not in the same spiral binding as all of my other BC Cookbooks, it has funkier graphics and illustrations than the "Cookbook for Boys and Girls."

That ends today's portion of the live Thrift Share. Forgive the briefness of it, but there will be more tomorrow! 

Newington Savers

Wow, this place was hoppin' with folks taking advantage of this sale.

What I bought:
A pair of black pants from H&M NWT. Marked at $16.99 but at half off for new pants? No brainer. I even tried them on and they fit.

A decorative tile with the Cunningham crest. This is a gift for a friend with the last name Cunningham. $2.99

What I left behind: (clockwise from top left) a painted tray, a Hawaiian tiki guy, BHG cookbooks, and a wooden crane. All were a little too pricey.

Onward to Bristol!

Special Sunday Live Thrift Share

Happy Presidents Day Weekend! The weekend where, at least in Connecticut, we celebrate 50% off sales at the thrifts. Of course the official sales start tomorrow on Monday the 20th. Unfortunately, I won't be able to devote the whole day to thrifting as I have to take the car in to the repair shop in the morning for  emissions testing. Luckily, Savers is having a Pre-Sale on Sunday for Club Card holders. 50 % off clothing, accessories, shoes, and bed and bath items.

Today, I'm heading north to Newington and Bristol to hit a couple of Savers stores I haven't been to before. Monday, I'll be sticking to just the immediate New Haven area.

So what am I looking for? The usual suspects: State trays, Pyrex, other people's needlework. This trip I will also be looking for clothes. I am in desperate need of black pants for work and I will be having a look for costumes for American Buffalo. So let's hope there is some excellent men's vintage clothing out there.

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Early Weekend Update: It's President's Day Weekend Y'all!

...and you know what that means. I will be live blogging the Presidents Day Sales for Thrift Share Monday. In fact I will be live blogging Savers Pre-Sale on Sunday! Savers Club Card holders get 50% off clothes, shoes, accessories, and bed and bath all day Sunday. So stay tuned to the blog, Facebook, and Twitter. I'll be sharing my purchases, things left behind, and a few Thrifts of Terror.

First, the weekly wrap up:

This Week:
1. Plan meals and a Vintage Kitsch'n post for next week.
2. Sell the Ikea chair on Craigslist. Posted on Sat eve. No takers yet.
3. Start putting American Buffalo to paper. Rough set sketches and make research collages for costumes.
4. Dig out Macbeth binders from the basement.
5. Put quilt blocks together. Figure out if I have enough fabric for backing and binding. I do not. That sucks.
6. Return library books, clear out fines, check out new books. Wow. It's kind of ridiculous I can't get the 2 blocks to the library.

Next Week:
1. Return library books, clear out fines, check out new books.
2. Sell the Ikea Chair on Craigslist.
3. Work on set sketches for American Buffalo. Email designs to the Director and set up a meeting.
4. Plan redecoration of bedroom.
5. Catch up on blogs.
6. Read the script and start a pinboard for Macbeth.

Remember how I said I had some highs last week. One of them was the sofa, the other was being asked to design the set and costumes for Elm Shakespeare's production of Macbeth this summer. It's very exciting, but I have to get cracking because we want to have all the designs finalized by the end of May. So next week, the research process begins! Even though I haven't finished American Buffalo yet! It's like Grad School all over again!

Thing A Week:

(Very rough) American Buffalo Sketch:

My perspective drawing skills. They are rusty. We'll be working on that next week as part of #3.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Oriental Express: Sweet and Sour Chicken

All hail the return of the Vintage Kitsch'n!

From: Betty Crocker's Family Dinners in a Hurry
Recipe: Sweet and Sour Chicken from the "Oriental Express" chapter.

In need of a slow cooker dinner this week, I decided to modify this recipe from Family Dinners in a Hurry. Making it the opposite of being in a hurry. Though, since the Crock Pot was slow cooking while I was busy doing other things, it was not time consuming in the slightest.

In the tradition of the Betty Crocker cookbooks, there is an entire "Oriental" menu planned. But we're just sticking with the chicken and vegetables and serving it with some Trader Joe's frozen vegetable fried rice.

Creative Cookery: I do what I want.
I eliminated the breading and frying of the chicken, since that would never work in the slow cooker. I did however brown it in some olive oil for a few minutes.
I also used Mark Bittman's sweet and sour sauce recipe from How To Cook Everything.
Then I tossed everything in the Crock Pot and cooked it on low for 4 hours.
Kitchen Wares:

Verdict: Red Ribbon
It turned out OK, the sweet and sour taste is good and stayed flavorful through the slow cooking, but the sauce is thin. The chicken got kind of dried out. It would be better with thigh meat I think. Still, it's edible and will last for a couple dinners. It's not the best thing I've ever made, but not the worst either.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Thrift Share Monday: The Ultimate Thrift Share

OK Nerds, hold on to your butts. I have the ultimate Thrift Share Monday for you. After many months of searching high and low, my patience paid off and I found the perfect couch.

On Tuesday morning I had coffee with some friends in downtown New Haven. After coffee I was going to head to the gym, but decided to take a quick moment to check email and Facebook. There, on my Facebook feed was this beauty at Helping Hands.

They had just posted the photo 50 minutes before and the price was $99. I literally ran to my car and quickly drove across town. I walked into the store, gave the couch a look over and a sit. It fit all the criteria: comfortable, tufted cushions, wooden legs, long enough to lay down on, upholstered arms, and a reasonable price. Sold! I went to the counter and purchased the couch and paid for them to deliver it in to my apartment. It arrived this afternoon. I am thrilled. (So are the cats.)

It's a Drexel Heritage from their Lineage line. All of the tags are still intact. I haven't been able to date it yet but I'd guess 1950's-1960's. Though it is very close to the Drexel Profile line, which you can view via the link at Retro Renovation.

Here you can really see the fabric color, which is hard to photograph. Olive, gold, aqua, even a little brown, and slubby! The fabric feels really sturdy, which is great for my house, and there is only one tiny worn spot on the piping on the left arm. Otherwise, it's in amazing condition for it's age.

The pillows I have currently are old ones I got from Ikea ages ago.  I thought they would be too big, but really the size, fabric and color are kind of perfect.  Between the credenza and the couch the living room is really coming together. Now the quest begins for chairs to replace the wicker ones!