Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bristol Savers

OK. Well, I got a little distracted at Stew Leonard's during my break for lunch. I couldn't help it, so much cheap produce! So many amazing baked goods! Anyway, I got to the Savers in Bristol an hour before closing and had a quick  look around for some clothes.

What I bought:

I've been looking for shoes like these for ages. Almost new and only $6.50

H& M Top $3.99

Banana Republic sweater. Needs de-pilling but for $2.99, I can swing it.

And for the most impractical purchase of the day: this designer top with it's Daffy's tags still attached. Savers price $2.99. I am fascinated. I will probably never wear it. It will probably become a costume.

What I left behind

Seriously, I just bought this cookbook. 

And I have to say, I'm glad I bought the "New Boys and Girls" one four days ago. Even though it's not in the same spiral binding as all of my other BC Cookbooks, it has funkier graphics and illustrations than the "Cookbook for Boys and Girls."

That ends today's portion of the live Thrift Share. Forgive the briefness of it, but there will be more tomorrow! 

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