Sunday, February 19, 2012

Early Weekend Update: It's President's Day Weekend Y'all!

...and you know what that means. I will be live blogging the Presidents Day Sales for Thrift Share Monday. In fact I will be live blogging Savers Pre-Sale on Sunday! Savers Club Card holders get 50% off clothes, shoes, accessories, and bed and bath all day Sunday. So stay tuned to the blog, Facebook, and Twitter. I'll be sharing my purchases, things left behind, and a few Thrifts of Terror.

First, the weekly wrap up:

This Week:
1. Plan meals and a Vintage Kitsch'n post for next week.
2. Sell the Ikea chair on Craigslist. Posted on Sat eve. No takers yet.
3. Start putting American Buffalo to paper. Rough set sketches and make research collages for costumes.
4. Dig out Macbeth binders from the basement.
5. Put quilt blocks together. Figure out if I have enough fabric for backing and binding. I do not. That sucks.
6. Return library books, clear out fines, check out new books. Wow. It's kind of ridiculous I can't get the 2 blocks to the library.

Next Week:
1. Return library books, clear out fines, check out new books.
2. Sell the Ikea Chair on Craigslist.
3. Work on set sketches for American Buffalo. Email designs to the Director and set up a meeting.
4. Plan redecoration of bedroom.
5. Catch up on blogs.
6. Read the script and start a pinboard for Macbeth.

Remember how I said I had some highs last week. One of them was the sofa, the other was being asked to design the set and costumes for Elm Shakespeare's production of Macbeth this summer. It's very exciting, but I have to get cracking because we want to have all the designs finalized by the end of May. So next week, the research process begins! Even though I haven't finished American Buffalo yet! It's like Grad School all over again!

Thing A Week:

(Very rough) American Buffalo Sketch:

My perspective drawing skills. They are rusty. We'll be working on that next week as part of #3.

Linking up with Van at Thrift Core for her Weekly Goal Wrap Up.


  1. Dana's comment which I accidentally deleted:
    "In fairness to you, if you posted the Ikea chair on CL, then you deserve to mark it off the list. I can't wait for your Presidents' Day posts. That will be fun. And congrats on the Macbeth job. Along with Othello and Hamlet, that's one of my favorite Shakespeare plays."

    I wish I could agree that putting on the CL was enough. After the desk, I know it could take another whole week to get it out of the house.
    Macbeth is my absolute favorite Shakespeare. It makes the job even more exciting!

  2. I don't blame you on not returning the books. That's why I don't do the library anymore. They would hate me.

    Good luck with your goals this week! I agree with Dana, you deserve to cross the chair off your list since you listed it. Hope it sells - quick!

  3. I stopped going to the library for simular reasons. I used to go a lot and owed fees every time ;) Now I'm just working through the personal library.

    Congratulations on landing the costume design gig! Sounds like a lot of exciting projects are coming your way lately.

  4. I have to say, I don't mind giving the local library money for my overdue fines. After all, you know they can use the money! Hopefully, I'll get there on Tuesday.