Sunday, February 19, 2012

Newington Savers

Wow, this place was hoppin' with folks taking advantage of this sale.

What I bought:
A pair of black pants from H&M NWT. Marked at $16.99 but at half off for new pants? No brainer. I even tried them on and they fit.

A decorative tile with the Cunningham crest. This is a gift for a friend with the last name Cunningham. $2.99

What I left behind: (clockwise from top left) a painted tray, a Hawaiian tiki guy, BHG cookbooks, and a wooden crane. All were a little too pricey.

Onward to Bristol!

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  1. Oh this is kind of exciting - what a great idea! We have a snowstorm today so I really didn't want to go out but this is like thrifting myself - Play by Play