Monday, February 20, 2012

Orange Goodwill and Savers

Once I got back on the road, things had died down at the thrifts considerably. Once again, I ran into another thrifty friend at Savers who had also done the Farmington & Bristol ones earlier today. Great minds think alike!

First stop Orange Goodwill.

What I bought: 
Betty Crocker's Dinner for Two cookbook for $2 and BHG Easy Skillet Meals for $1.50.

What I left behind:
Betty Crocker Hostess Cookbook, Mid-century trivet, and a Professional Cat Portrait.

Second stop Orange Savers:

What I bought: 
Jones New York jeans $3, dark grey wool hooded sweater $1.50.

And my very first Copco cast iron. (It matches the Pyrex green!) $8, well worth the price I think.

And a VELVET PAINTING!!! $6-not half-off, but how could I resist?

A velvet painting and paint by number in the same day? Crazy, I tell you! Well, I hope everyone enjoyed following along with my thrifting adventures today. Until next time, Nerds.

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