Monday, February 20, 2012

Presidents Day 2012 Live Thrift Share

If you are new to Vintage Spinster, you are probably unaware of my Live Thrift Share last year on President's Day. It was quite the event, chock full of cheap vintage goodness. This year had to be scaled back for scheduling reasons, but the New Haven area Goodwills and Savers are still having 50% off sales today. So as soon as my car is out of the shop, and a Craigslist buyer picks up my old Ikea chair, I'm off to the thrifts around 3pm EST.

Savers had a Pre-Sale for Club Card members yesterday, so I went to a couple Savers I've never been to before.  Here is a highlight reel of my purchases:

Clockwise from top left: Sequined top, Banana Rep. cardi, almost new Sofft shoes, H&M knit top. Read more details here.

H&M pants NWT, Cunningham decorative tile. Read more details here.

Things left behind:

Thrifts of Terror!:

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  1. You picked up some great things. As for the Thrifts of Terror, are you telling me I shouldn't go for that eyebrow/lipstick look for Spring? :)

  2. "Thrifts of Terror" -- what an awesome name! I often photograph those, too! (Shudder just thinking about them!)

  3. Laurie-Stop back by the blog on Saturdays, a new Thrift of Terror every week!