Monday, February 27, 2012

Thrift Share Monday

A few weeks ago I had to take a trip across the river to have the car looked at by my mechanic. The check engine light had come on again, and subsequently went out as soon as the mechanic got in the car. Regardless, I went thrifting after. Always choose an auto repair shop near a thrift store, I say.

At Sarah's Cupboard I picked up this adorable embroidery for only a quarter.

Look at the little deer!

Then I headed to Savers and found quite a bit of good stuff.

Wooden sock blockers for $1.99. These are clearly men's size large.

Star glow platter for $1.99.

Adorable embroidered vintage sweater $6.99

And in what became the beginning of a string of Betty Crocker finds, the Betty Crocker New Boys and Girls Cookbook for $.99

And finally, I added this to my kitschy Disney collection for $2.99.

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  1. Pretty cool stuff. My girlfriend would love that embroidered doe pattern!

  2. I take my Honda to the dealer for service and it is right next to a flea market! It is almost bearable going to have the truck serviced because I know I am going to get to "hunt" for treasures.

    The deer embrodiery piece is so adorable! And the sweater is quite fabulous and so ready for spring! All your finds are terrific!

  3. I always grab the vintage kids' cookbooks, too. They are so cheerful, and the illustrations are charming. Your embroidered sweater is just beautiful.

  4. You did good!!! The embroidery is so pretty! Okay, so I almost picked up the exact same Disney dish at my local salvation Army - too weird.

  5. Ooh, I found a Star Glow serving dish this weekend, too! One of my favorite patterns. And I love the idea of choosing a mechanic based on proximity to thrift stores. Genius. ;)

  6. Jackpot! I especially love the embroidered pieces.

  7. I have that same little Disney dish in my antique booth right now, but I'm coveting the kiddie cookbook now!

  8. what a beautiful sweater! you really scored with that haul.

  9. The sock stretchers are a hoot, size "Ronald McDonald.