Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Tray Update: New World Order

I have rearranged the trays in the kitchen. As suggested by my friend Kim, hanging from right to left they are arranged by date of statehood. (With those odd double state trays, throwing things off a bit. Fortunately most of those are in New England.)

This means Minnesota and Oregon are next to each other. (The Vinyl Whores will appreciate this.)

And Hawaii and Alaska remain in this little spot above the door to the living room.

I've decided that any Nashco that I don't have a printed tray of will live in the main lineup. Oddly, that only qualifies Ohio to live in the kitchen.

The kitchen is completely full up and I need to decide where the next setup is going to be. I'm thinking the maybe bedroom. I finally just bought a case of 12 plate hangers from Amazon. So much cheaper and easier than buying them from the craft stores. (Any family or friends looking to buy birthday and Christmas gifts can always buy me the 10"-14" plate hangers, just sayin'.) I also sat down and made a full spreadsheet on Excel of the trays I have, and possible trays to collect. Who's a super nerd? This moi!

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