Saturday, February 25, 2012

Vintage Kitsch'n: Scripture Cake

From: Better Homes and Gardens Heritage Cookbook
Recipe: Scripture Cake

In our current show, we have a character who has written scriptures from various religions all over a piece of paper and taped it to his chest. He wears it as his armor against the world. I found this recipe a few weeks ago while browsing through my Heritage Cookbook and thought it would be fun to make for closing night.

The cake is called Scripture Cake because you have to hunt through the Bible for the recipe. Or, you need to really "know your scripture". It's really more of a tea bread than a cake.

Creative Cookery: I Do What I Want
I actually followed this recipe to the letter, for once.

Kitchen Wares:
The Spring Blossom Cinderella bowls got quite a workout with this recipe. I needed three of them. First you cream the butter and molasses together, then mix all the dry ingredients, then mix all of the wet ingredients. After you've done all that you alternate mixing the wet and dry into the creamed. Let me tell you, the Cinderella bowls with their handles and spouts were made for a recipe like this!

Verdict: Red Ribbon
Good, but I'm not a huge molasses fan. The cast and crew are enjoying it, though.

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