Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Update: Shouldn't I Be Hibernating?

Strange how in this part of the year, which I think of as the dead of winter, I am always insanely busy. Hence, this post is late and there has been no time for thrifting much less a Thrift Share Monday post.  In interest of time let's move on to the round up, shall we?

Last Week:
1. Get rid of the old desk. Still working on it. maybe there will be a pickup on Wednesday if I'm lucky.
2. Sort and file paperwork. Start prepping for taxes.
3. Get the damn cable fixed or find and alternative service provider.
4. Work on my pile of clothing alterations  Started, not finished
5. Do more Costume research for American Buffalo.
6. Put up new shelf over the stove in the kitchen, rearrange items as needed. This is going to happen...someday. But I think I have to roll it to the week after next when I have more time off.

Next Week:
1. Get rid of the old desk.
2. Finish clothing alterations.
3. Plan meals and a Vintage Kitsch'n post for next week.
4. Start the next quilt project. Cut all pieces for top and bias for binding.
5. Read American Buffalo 2-3 more times and make a prop list.
6. Get to the gym 4 times this week and exercise for at least 30 minutes.

The Thing a Week project was rough to squeeze into the schedule this week. So I'm counting my American Buffalo Costume research. Thank goodness for Flickr, and for people uploading their old family photos from the 70's. I found tons of great pictures of average American men from the early to mid-70's. Hopefully next week's Thing a Week will be more fiber oriented.

More posts to come this week! And soon there will be more American Buffalo business than you can shake a stick at.


  1. I always love when you're in the middle of a show and you share your research and your sketches and the final products. I miss reading your posts when you're super-busy, but I know there will be some fantastic ones to come when things slow down at bit for you.

  2. Thanks Dana! The schedule starts to lighten at the end of this week. What a relief!

  3. You've made excellent progress on personal goals despite the business schedule. This week I'm going to work harder at accomplishing mine, tired of them dragging on!

  4. Van-I know what you mean. Every time I walk into the kitchen and see the pots on the floor next to the Ikea box with the shelf in it, I get irritated. But I know that when I'm not going to be home for 14 hours a day, very little will get done there. I've gotten much better at limiting my goals to things I can do in my office at work or on the computer.