Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Update: Why am I Surprised it's Snowing in February?

I was all set to go to the library on Friday, then it snowed early Friday morning. After a 50 degree day on Thursday, no less. It will happen on Monday before I go to NYC to see Sleep No More again. It has to, I need something to read on the train.

Onward to the wrap up:

This Week:
1. Return library books, clear out fines, check out new books.
2. Sell the Ikea Chair on Craigslist.
3. Work on set sketches for American Buffalo. Email designs to the Director and set up a meeting.
4. Plan redecoration of bedroom.
5. Catch up on blogs.
6. Read the script and start a pinboard for Macbeth. Macbeth pinboard can be seen here.

Next Week:
1. Return library books, clear fines.
2. Plan Apartment Therapy for bedroom. *
3. Draw and color Costume sketches for American Buffalo. Paint a second set sketch from another angle.
4. Read Macbeth again, start researching. Email our lighting designer about scaffolding information and park layout.
5. Put up Betty Crocker Cookbook page on the blog.
6. Dye my hair.

* I've decided each month has one big home project goal to work towards. March will be the bedroom, which has become a huge mess of a dumping ground that I sleep in the middle of.  It needs some Apartment Therapy STAT!

I switch back to working days for the next week and a half, so we'll see how much I can get done while maintaining my cooking and gym schedule too. I have a long weekend the 3-5th, so the Vinyl Whores and I might be doing some thrifting.

Thing a week number 8:
Set sketches for American Buffalo. Drawing ink on drawing paper.


  1. You're keeping up with this list-making amazingly well, and you're becoming just too damned organized. It makes me feel like a lazy slug! LOL

  2. I agree, you're doing a damn good job keeping up with everything on your list! We had a cold front sweep in and take away out 85 degree weather here in Florida. Was beautiful while it lasted. I cannot WAIT for summer...