Monday, March 5, 2012

Thrift Share Monday: American Buffalo

Well Nerds, due to some unforeseen upheavals in my schedule this past week, my thrifting trip to NY was cancelled. Life is starting to get really busy with the two shows I am designing sets and costumes for. You may remember last week, my Thrift Share that revolved around my car repair. In addition those lovely items I was able to find a few pieces of clothing for the production of American Buffalo I'm designing.

The costumes for American Buffalo are every day, middle class men's wear from 1975. Not so easy to find in the thrifts in 2012. Especially since two of my actors are over 6' tall and broad shouldered. As is usual for me, I got lucky in the most unlikely of places.

Teach is a character who, according to our Director, "fancies himself a ladies man" with the emphasis on fancies himself.  Myself, the Director and the Actor all agreed he needed a contemporary stylish leather jacket. After dealing with the car I drove down the block to Sarah's Cupboard and discovered they were having a 50% off sale on winter coats. When I walked into the back room with the clothing , I immediately spotted the perfect leather jacket.

At 50% off, it was only $25 and broad enough in the chest and shoulder to fit the Actor!  I love the furry zip out lining. (Which we definitely will not be using in the show!)

My next stop was at the Teen Challenge thrift store in Branford. It is a great spot for furniture, but the clothing selection is sporadic. But I got damn lucky and found 2 pairs of men's vintage jeans in a size 40 waist. They may be a little big for the actor playing Donny, but at $5 a pair-it's worth a shot!

During my Presidents Day Live Thrift Share, I picked up a t-shirt option for the actor playing Bobby. It's a GAP vintage styled ringer t. While I'd rather find a real vintage tee, I still like the color of this one a lot. And, it was only $1.

Stay tuned for more on American Buffalo in the next few months. I'm also designing the set and the play takes place in a junk shop. I'm sure I'll be rounding up plenty of thrifty things to share!

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  1. You should stop by and check out the stuff I have...I have a few things that might fit well with your needs!

  2. I picked up a jacket very similar to that one a few years back and sold it on!

  3. It's always so much fun to watch you plan and execute the costuming and sets of a show.

  4. cool! how fun to actually have "real" people to shop vintage for! love that jacket. total score.