Monday, March 26, 2012

Thrift Share Monday: The New Westport Goodwill

Back in the day, when I lived in Norwalk, the Westport Goodwill was my absolute favorite Goodwill in Connecticut. They had tons of name brand, high end clothes for reasonable prices and a really great selection of clothes and housewares. Times change, and lately it has become picked over and overpriced.  One of the biggest problems though was it's parking lot, which was a narrow, one way affair prone to overcrowding. If you couldn't get a spot on your first pass, that was it, you were screwed.

Now the Goodwill has moved to a brand new building down the road. With a huge parking lot!

It was busy, as to be expected on opening weekend. I poked through housewares and came away with this beauty for $6 at half off.

Another piece of Copco cast iron to add to my small but rapidly growing collection. This time a dark brown enamel grill pan.  It is one of the Michael Lax designs, which is really exciting. I love the teak handle.

I can't wait to try grilling some salmon on it later this week.

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  1. Goodwill seems to be moving all of their Columbus stores into sparkling new locations. The new places are much better organized but oddly the selection of "cool" stuff seems to have dropped off.

  2. Very, very nice. I keep saying I'm going to buy a grill pan. I would have been all over that one!

  3. What a smoking deal! Love the Copco pieces. I have a skillet, not MLax but still a beaut:

    I think I paid eight bucks for it from a Craigslist seller.

    My local Value Village parking lot is terrible. I have endured some door dings for thrifty finds.