Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Update: Deep Breaths

I think, (breath) the worst, (breath) is over. (exhale) Maybe. Now that Winter's Tale is open and I have a full two days off, maybe I'll finally get something done. No time to waste typing, on to the wrap up...

Goals From Two Week Ago:
1. Plan Apartment Therapy for bedroom.
2. Put up Betty Crocker Cookbook page on the blog.
3. Finish CAD tutorial. Draft KL Gallery and ground plan. Figure out where to plot the drawings.
4. Meet with American Buffalo Director: Go over designs thus far, revise, and finalize. We also managed to pull some props and set pieces for the show, bonus!
5.Continue Macbeth research. Email our lighting designer about scaffolding information and park layout. Start rough sketches and prep for a meeting with the Director and Artistic Director on the 13th.
6. Start panicking about working on my 2011 taxes. I think I'm gonna need to file an extension this year.

Goals for Next Week:
1. Put up Betty Crocker Cookbook page on the blog.
2. File a tax extension.
3. Finish Ground Plan and new perspective sketch for American Buffalo. Email to the Director for final approval.
4. Library Day: Pay off Yale Library fines and check out Macbeth research. Visit the Institute Library, return book, look for more Macbeth research. (Visit English Market next door.)
5. Get back on my gym schedule. 4 days this week!
6. Finish quilting the Baby Quilt Project II.

I got nothing for Thing a Week this week. But I did watch most of my new Game of Thrones DVD's for Macbeth research, yeah...for research.

I 'm headed to Westport to check out the new and improved Goodwill and hit up Stew Leonard's for groceries tonight. So yes, there will be Thrift Share on Monday!


  1. It looks like you did pretty good on last weeks goals! Can't wait to see what you have for the thrift share.

  2. As busy as you've been, I'd say you did very well on meeting goals.

  3. Oh, you're kicking ass in my book considering how crazy busy you are. Inspires me to kick ass for the remainder of the week, too. Got a pot tea brewing to help out...

  4. Thanks Ladies! Especially you Van. I don't know how YOU do it. Without the structure of a workday with other people-I'm done for.