Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Update: Where Did the Week Go?

I really have no idea, but then switching to a day schedule always has a tendency to mess me up. Also a late night in New York on Monday for The Observationalist NYC's birthday was really, really fun but did not really set a proper tone of productivity for the week. As the week progressed, new and exciting challenges presented themselves, horrible weather, a giant bear costume, and a meeting at the Gallery where American Buffalo is being staged.

The weather was basically the remnants of all of those tornado storms that have been terrorizing points south and east of New England. Here is became sleety, snowy, rainy yuck, but at least it didn't obliterate anything. The bear is for our upcoming production of Winter's Tale at the Rep. It's rented from the Guthrie Theatre, it's huge, and it requires 3 people to get the actor into the costume. So I've been spending some time in rehearsals, which is a change of pace for me-but time consuming.  The Gallery meeting went very well, I was able to talk to the manager about the needs of the show and the Artistic and Managing Directors and I worked out a layout. However I realized I needed to start drafting the ground plan soon, which presented a bit of a problem.

Where and how to draft the scenery?

It's been about 10 years since I've done any drafting by hand or by computer. (Other than sewing pattern drafting, which is different.) In fact, my hand drafting skills are excellent since I've been drafting off and on since Junior High School. In both High School and Graduate School I upgraded my skills to AutoCAD on Releases 11 and 14 respectively, and I have access to both AutoCAD and it's Mac bretheren Vectorworks on my office computer. After a fruitless search at work for a drafting table with a straight edge attachment, I decided it would probably be easier to refresh my CAD skills. After all, the information is all still in my brain somewhere, I just need to reboot the information.

Enter which has extensive online tutorials on AutoCAD, Photoshop, and hundreds of other programs. All of which, I can access for free through Yale! So most of Sunday has been spent in front of the office computer, plowing through the AutoCAD 2010 tutorial, with breaks for food and costume drawings. Now I just have to finish 7 more chapters of the tutorial and review the theatrical drafting standards and I'm good to go.

Which means I had to completely adjust my goals for the week:

This Week:
1. Return library books, clear fines. Finally!
2. Plan Apartment Therapy for bedroom. I finally cleaned and vacuumed, at least.
3. Draw and color Costume sketches for American Buffalo. Paint a second set sketch from another angle. Best to wait until the ground plan is finalized, really.
4. Read Macbeth again, start researching.  You know, thank goodness for audio books, they are the only way I can get any reading done.
5. Put up Betty Crocker Cookbook page on the blog. Literally, we had no sunlight this week for photographing anything.
6. Dye my hair. Clairol Nice and Easy #111, if you want to know. 

Considering I've relearned the gist of a tricky computer program in a day? I'm calling this week a win. Oh, and I also cleaned out the photos on my iPhone, because it was full. Double win!

Next Week:
1. Plan Apartment Therapy for bedroom.
2. Put up Betty Crocker Cookbook page on the blog.
3. Finish CAD tutorial. Draft KL Gallery and ground plan. Figure out where to plot the drawings.
4. Meet with American Buffalo Director: Go over designs thus far, revise, and finalize.
5.Continue Macbeth research. Email our lighting designer about scaffolding information and park layout. Start rough sketches and prep for a meeting with the Director and Artistic Director on the 13th.
6. Start panicking about working on my 2011 taxes.

Thing a Week #9: Costume Sketches! From left to right: Teach, Donny, and Bobby

Once these initial design meetings are over I'll be able to share more information on the blog. Tomorrow's Thrift Share will be about American Buffalo!


  1. I'm loving your lists. You're doing great!

  2. Looks like you're kicking ASS to me, all things considered!