Monday, April 23, 2012

Thrift Share Monday: More Jell-O Mold Madness

This could be a very dangerous road I'm on, this road paved with Jell-O molds. A quick glance at "Jell-O mold" searches on eBay and Etsy, sent my heart a pitter-patter. I even made my first Etsy Teasury: the Joys of Jell-O. Then promptly purchased an item from the treasury, 8 mini Jell-O molds. Then purchased Victoria Belanger's book Hello, Jell-O! from The Strand Bookstore via Amazon. I'm Jell-O obsessed, I tell you!

I picked up a new fluted mold for $3 at the English Market on Sunday.

It's already gelling this weeks Jell-O Experiment. Tomato aspic. (No I'm not kidding. Check back Friday for the results.) I like these smaller 2-3 cup molds, good for single girls like me. Though I am now longing for one of the tall, tiered layer types.

I also snagged this charming Vera towel calendar for $8. I love how narrow and simple it is.

Last, I grabbed a couple bits of vintage fabric for quilting:

If you missed my Thursday Tray Update, be sure to click the link for more details on the State Trays I picked up this week.


  1. I heartily favor the Jello mold collection idea. I think they look very cool hung on a kitchen wall. I really want Hello, Jell-O! too.

  2. A Vera calendar towel - what a great find!