Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thrifts of Terror: Oh Really?!

Now it sounds like Project Kresher is an amazing institution. But if they really want to work against the oppression of women around the globe they should have come up with a less stereotypical title.

Reversing Kitchen and Kremlin would be totally acceptable. 
Seen at the Orange, CT Savers.

And speaking of women and our rights, today there are events around the country to Unite Against the War on Women. I wish I could be at the march in NY to hear Martha Plimpton speak. If you are there it starts at 11am at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory.  


  1. Wow wow wow. You know what I spotted at the thrift the other day? It was a little paperback self-help guide for women's home repair. On the back cover it marketed itself as the "sympathetic and non-condescending approach" to helping women learn home repair. Yup... Call me crazy but that kind of reads as condescending to me...

    It was only 35 cents but wasn't in great shape. If I go back this week and it's still there I might have to buy it... since, ya know, it's sympathetic to my plight...


    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thirfting!

  2. To me " the Kremlin and the Kitchen" at least implies we can have our cake and bake it too. " the Kitchen and the Kremlin" implies you belong in the kitchen most of the time, and are allowed to think about the Kremlin as an afterthought. Geez, indeed.

  3. I can remember when women were just in the kitchen and the idea of them in the Kremlin was, we have come a long way. The wording may seem hoakey and dated but these were new waters people were testing and it must have been hard trying find the best way to explain new ideas. Times have really changed but things can always get better.

  4. I 100% agree with the wording being problematic. Putting the kitchen before all else really designates the women to that specific sphere, making the home the primary concern. Ugh.

    <3 Jackie

  5. Suzie Q-True, we have come a long way. Sadly, this cookbook was only about 15 years old.