Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vintage Kitsch'n: Betty Crocker

It's pretty well known by now that I have a love for vintage cookbooks and cooking. With all of the selections out there in the word of vintage cooking it has been hard to limit myself. So I've started to limit my collection to my first cookbook love, Betty Crocker. It all started when I was a kid with the Betty Crocker Cooky book and baking cookies with my Grandmother.

Now it has evolved to a huge collection, which can be seen here on my Betty Crocker Cookbook page. There are various editions of these cook books. Spiral bound, hardback, and paperback. As you can see, my current edition of the Cooky Book is a paperback. My mother still has the spiral bound which is my goal edition for each title. Of course there are still different versions of the spiral bounds as well. At some point the cover art had a line break added as you can see in these different Dinner parties editions:

And here's what I'm still on the hunt for:

Dinner Parties (see above) though a friend has loaned me her copy to look at, which is nice of her. Thanks Kate!

(Not the binder edition.)

Christmas Cookbook:

And who knows, maybe there are more to be on the look out for.


  1. Oooh, the Party Book looks so fun! I only own the Outdoor Cookbook, which boyfriend randomly found at a thrift--I almost passed out when he brought it home. And I am almost positive my mom has the Cooky Book at home...I might have to go digging in her cookbook cupboard the next time I visit! ;)

  2. The Dinner Parties one looks fantastic!

  3. I just came upon your blog, I read with interest about your Betty Crocker addiction - I have the Betty Crocker Parties for Children book - you are welcome to it! I had bought it for resale but no luck! I'd like it to go to someone who can appreciate it.

  4. Jill, that would be appreciated, and I'd happily pay for the shipping. Email me at and we'll work out the details.