Friday, April 20, 2012

Vintage Kitsch'n: Molded Jell-O

So the first attempt at unmolding Jell-O was a total fail:

The second attempt was better.

From: The New Joys of Jell-O
Recipe: Ginger Peach Dessert
This was another one of those recipes requiring soda instead of water. My second attempt at molding the Jell-O was also my first attempt at adding fruit.

Creative Cookery: I do what I want.
Instead of Orange flavored Jell-O, I used Peach. It's what the Jell-O test kitchen cooks would have wanted, if Peach had been an available flavor I'm sure.

Kitchen Wares:
Vintage copper gelatin mold:

Vintage Pyrex plate for serving:

Verdict: Blue Ribbon
This peachy dessert was an excellent choice for my first solid food after a day of liquids. I can't quite describe the difference the ginger ale makes, but trust me-it's there. Zingy, maybe?

Want more molded Jell-O? Check out this great blog: The Jello Mold Mistress of Brooklyn. Victoria Belanger has taken modern Jell-O to a whole other level!


  1. Holy moly...I went to Victoria's blog, and I was amazed. The things she does with Jell-O is unbelievable. Don't feel bad about your first fail. It takes a while to know exactly how warm to let the water get when unmolding.

  2. I thought the first picture was of jello that had been molded in a frog mold...can you see the frog? Next time, tell us you MEANT to do it and see if we buy it.: )

  3. SuzieQ-yes it does look like an orange frog!
    Dana- it's never really a total fail-the Jello is always still edible if not pretty.