Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Update: Load In

I spent most of today loading in the set for American Buffalo, so no time to dilly dally. However, tomorrow's post will have some great Thrift Share business.

Goals for Last Week:
1. Finish ground plan for American Buffalo, draw a perspective sketch. I started a perspective sketch but abandoned it mid way as the amount of space were are using has been shifting on a daily basis. Now it is far enough in the process, it would be a waste of time.
2. Start pulling props and furniture for the American Buffalo set.
3. Pull American Buffalo costumes from Yale stock, thrift the rest.
4. Have American Buffalo costume fittings. Scheduled for Monday
5.Exercise for 3 hours this week. (Trying a new approach with number of hours of exercise as opposed to the number of days.)
6. Go through my closet and drawers and purge old clothes.

Not too shabby.

Goals for This Week:
1. American Buffalo costume fittings and do notes.
2. Vacuum and mop floors of my apartment.
3. Macbeth-Start drafting and drawings
4. This week's exercise goal: run 4 times this week instead of 3.
5. Macbeth-finish and organize costume research.
6. Go through my closet and drawers and purge old clothes. (I really doubt I'm going to have the time, but you never know.)

Thing a Week #14: I made a set! Still a ways to go, but great progress was made today.


  1. You've been really busy! Congrats on accomplishing so much.

  2. You're doing so well with your goals...I've gotta make tons of tea and do it big today :P