Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Update: Productivity, I has it. Kind of.

I had a strange week at work. Some aspects of the new show have progressed really, really quickly and some have not progressed at all. Leaving all of us backstage with this strange vibe of confusion. Still, it's a thousand times easier than Winter's Tale so we're just rolling with it. 

Today being my only day off was busy with a Baby Shower, a trip to the English Market, and by the time I got home I had a migraine from the giant nor'easter bearing down on New England. I took some drugs and a 2 hour nap then ran to the grocery store before they closed. Came home, cleaned, and made some new Jell-o creations. 

Now: assessing the situation.

Goals from Last Week:
1. Complete Week 4 of Couch 2 5K program. Get to the gym at least three times this week.
2. Finish ground plan for American Buffalo, start sourcing props.
3. Vacuum and mop bedroom floor.
4. Macbeth-start drafting and sketching the set.
5. Macbeth-start organizing costume research.
6. Pull costumes for American Buffalo from Yale stock.

While I only completed half the list above. I also completed the latest quilt project for the Baby Shower. 
Thing a Week Number 13: The Goldilocks and the Three Bears Quilt!

Teaching children an important lesson about not acting like an entitled jackass. (More children should be told this story these days, just sayin'.)

Unfortunately, my work on American Buffalo took a hit. This means it's top priority for next week. And by next week I mean tomorrow.

Goals for Next Week:
1. Finish ground plan for American Buffalo, draw a perspective sketch.
2. Start pulling props and furniture for the American Buffalo set.
3. Pull American Buffalo costumes from Yale stock, thrift the rest.
4. Have American Buffalo costume fittings.
5.Exercise for 3 hours this week. (Trying a new approach with number of hours of exercise as opposed to the number of days.)
6. Go through my closet and drawers and purge old clothes. 

See you tomorrow for Thrift Share Monday when I show off the fabulous new Jell-O mold I bought today. Also my Thrift of Terror post did not go up as scheduled. (Blogger glitch perhaps?) Here is the link, enjoy.

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