Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thrift Share Tuesday: It won't become a habit, I promise.

I mean, I can't be this busy for the rest of my life. Right?
Anyway I had grand plans to share many of the things I bought for the American Buffalo set I am designing. However, things got busy so I'm just going to show you one item I bought while out Thrifting yesterday.

It is even an item on my grail list: a burl wood clock! It's in great shape and in working order.

I even snagged it for half off, so it was a bargain at $5. I hung it on the set this morning, but as soon as we strike it is coming home with me to hang in the living room. Here you can see some of the other purchases, the silouette deer head, a paint by number, and a lovely watercolor. More details on the set later in the week!

Link ups will commence as soon as Apron Thrift Girl gets her internet up and running in her fabulous new house.

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