Friday, May 25, 2012

Vintage Kitsch'n: The Jell-O Mold Collection Grows

I knew it. I knew this gelatin mold obsession could very quickly get out of control. SEE?!

Ridiculous, I know. But they're so easy and cheap. And I have been taking down old items on my kitchen wall and replacing them with the molds. Adds a nice touch to the kitchen,eh?

I love this 9 cup one. I think it was $2? I remember there were two others just like it that had been diswashered and were marked at $5. Proving that no matter the item, Goodwill pricing never makes sense. Also good to know that these items can fall to the deadly dishwasher film.

I picked up these 3 cup molds at Goodwill for $1-$2 each. They are so perfect for me to halve recipes and try stuff out on myself without making a giant amount of Jell-O.

I've discovered that at Savers, the tiny molds  will live with the kitchen goody bags. Good to know. I found these little ring molds for $1.

These swirly aluminum molds were a lucky find at the Goodwill by the pound. I found 4 of them together at the bottom of a bin. They probably cost less than a buck.

There hasn't been much time for Jell-O making lately, but that should change soon. Plus I'll have an office job for a month where I can try my recipes out on the break room. I did make the Peanut Butter Cups recipe from Hello Jell-O for a friend who helped me out during American Buffalo. They turned out yummy and using foil baking cups for the molds was cute.


  1. Those look really cute on your wall. I think it is destiny that people like us collect, collect, collect. Oh well, at least you found them on the cheap!

  2. Thanks! We are safe as long as collect, collect, collect doesn't become hoard, hoard, hoard. It's a fine line! :)

  3. I've always loved jello molds on kitchen walls. Years ago I had a copper fish mold that I adored. Your collection is already looking fantastic on your kitchen wall.

    Those peanut butter cups are killing me!!!