Monday, June 4, 2012

Thrift Share Monday Returns!

After a crazy few weeks working crazy hours on American Buffalo, and a couple weeks recovery, I am happy to say that the Thrift Share is back! My friends came up from New York a few weeks ago to see a couple shows in the area (including mine), and of course we managed to squeeze in some thrifting. That means new kitchen wares! Hooray!

First up, my two latest additions to my cast iron collection. First is an 8" generic one that is made in Korea and in excellent shape.I bought this at the Goodwill Outlet, because it was so heavy they sold it to me for $1.99 instead of the pound rate.

Next is my first piece of Griswold cast iron. It's a 10" number 8 skillet. I bought it at The Barn Sale in Hamden for $35 which is comparable to eBay prices. I haven't seasoned either one yet. But once I do, that old Lodge pan is going to the donation pile.

Funny how thrifting trips will have themes to them. In addition to cast iron, I purchased a few avocado items. At Savers, I picked up two small Pyrex canisters with the avocado lids. I already have two of the larger sizes so these are a nice addition to the others.

The Goodwill by the pound also yielded a small soup Thermos. Also, in avocado!

I limited myself to only one single gelatin mold. This classic heart shaped one. It was $1.

I'll be linking up with Apron Thrift Girl now that her interwebs are back online after her move. Hopefully now that my life has calmed down a smidge, I'll be back to regular posts and catching up on y'alls blogs.


  1. My mom and grandmothers never cooked in any kind of skillet other than a cast iron one, and that's what I set up housekeeping with. I have to admit, though, that I've gotten lazy in my old age and have gotten rid of everything I can't put into the dishwasher. It's a shame too...because nothing is as good as an iron skillet for making homemade cornbread. I like the Pyrex canisters too. Good, practical finds.